Domain Name Acquisition, Brokerage and Management since 2002

Domain names have become a sort of meta real estate, with their own world and special rules. While domain name values ultimately peaked in and around 2008, there is still a brisk landscape of sales across many categories, and with new domain extensions, the .com has continued to be the name of choice for most businesses. 

We have seen it all, and been part of some of the most interesting and lucrative domain sales in history. Unlike many brokerages, we don't just assign a specific value to a domain based only on similar sales, but consider who might pay the most for such a domain and why. Similarly in stealth mode when we acquire domains, we make a very strong case to an owner as to why this is the best case scenario for them to maximize the price of their domain at this moment. They may seem contradictory positions, but usually they are entirely compatible. 

Before we do any buying or selling, we spend many hours researching who the parties are. We see what their market position is, what might be happening for them to consider a new name. We check their twitter feeds, their company documents, and even often consult people within the company itself. We look at domain histories, trademark registrations, or other registrations that might precede the change to a new domain name. All these things that act as hints as to a companies' intention and leverage.

Many brokers merely sign a contract for a name, assign an arbitrary value for the domain that will get it sold, and simply go after low hanging fruit that might pay the lowest for a domain. We have an entirely more thorough process, something our clients appreciate. Before we ever make contact with a buyer or seller, we know as much about him or her as possible, giving us and our client maximum leverage. 

The result is that we have had many sales in the top reported sales of all time, but just as importantly, have provided maximum returns for less auspicious names, providing meaningful financial windfalls for owners for whom the gains are critical to their families. This is just as meaningful for us as trophy sales.  


We've brokered some big names. Here's a sampling:

A sampling of clients below. We have dealt with hundreds of companies in our 15 year lifespan, from tiny startups to large scale behemoths. We like to believe we treat them all with the same care.